The Liederkranz Foundation

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Become a Member of the Liederkranz


Members are entitled to attend concerts and cultural events produced
under the auspices of The Liederkranz Foundation.
Members are granted a reduced rate for dinner theatre performances.

There are many special events during the season
expressly for our members and their guests:

Steuben Parade
Liederkranz Christmas Chorus Concert and Dinner
Dinner and Reception following the Winners Concert at Weill Hall
Anniversary Concert and Dinner


Contribution (Fiscal Year July 1 to June 30)

Resident Membership - $350.00
Non-Resident Membership - $150.00
Chorus Membership - $175.00
Corporate Membership - $600.00

Join Us!

Would love to have you join us at one of our events.
Please give us your mailing address and/or e-mail if you wish to be contacted.

(212) 534-0880

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